How do we proceed?

We keep a journalist method based
on the press fundamentals whatever we are consulting or an integrated resource. Because content is the king to build a magazine or a periodical, to operate a redesign or a renewal.

Priority to news and content

To be inserted in the natural production flow of news remains the best way to operate efficiently prefered by EditingPlus. Then, talking in the same language as your journalists and employees from the newsroom and with your artistic director, production workflow may become enriched in the processing, to obtain more meaning for your readers at the final stage.

By analysing from the source the media philosophy,

from the very heart of news production and its identity until the dealine stage and the final result, printed or published online, EditingPlus brings consultancy to a higher level which helps you to reinforce your media and to profile it in a better way for your readership. Post-evaluation and follow-up provide accuracy to shape it sharply: a media is a living object, it must touch your readers.

Clarifying and pointing all ingredients in your media recipe,

from the origins to its visual presentation, EditingPlus is fully engaged into the changing processes like redefining or recentering your magazine, newspaper or online content. It can be also to decline new products like special issues or prototypes for a next-to-come new formula, and even adaptations into other languages before versioning. 




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“Meaning and motive lead how sophisticated your publication must be. Is it a newsmagazine, a newsletter, a target publication, a newspaper or even a website? Those categories are too much different to be only based on the design and the look or only center-based on a marketing approach”.

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