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Typography, letters talk

A typeface meaning

SMeltery | Jack Usine’s Foundry, where were designed typefaces like ICone (EditingPlus logotype) and Vernissage, available at MyFonts.

Porchez Typofonderie | has produced new types for french newspaper Le Monde, designed french Parisian tube typeface Parisine. Jean-François Porchez leads his Porchez Typofonderie.

Design et typo | Arty blog by Peter Gabor.

Future book, digital, ebook

Lorenzo Soccavo, Prospective du livre & de l’édition PLE Consulting. Read & write different, thinking & building ebooks.


World press

Professional organisations related to press and journalism  


Society for News Design | Worldwide organisation for news design (editorial and visual, EditingPlus is an ex-member).

International Federation of Journalists(IFJ) The biggest journalist organisation (nearly 100 countries), based in Brussels, in Belgium.

Press law in France

The Law ruling press freedom in France, inspired by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1789.

Works in the press in France

The biggest site for working in the press and PR in France.


Worlwide press previews

Previews of the press

Planète Presse | Dedicated page from weekly magazine Courrier International listing newspapers from 5 continents.

Newseum | More than 800 daily front pages covering 80 countries on Newseum website, Washington DC, USA.

Syndicat de la presse quotidienne régionale (SPQR) | Some frontpages published in France by local & regional newspapers.

Syndicat de la presse magazine (SPM) | French union of magazine publishers.

Favorite tool: a Mac

MacPlus|| Daily news on Apple and the Mac since 1997.

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