EditingPlus spends time and energy to stay focused

in three main fields:

— editorial design for printed and mobile press

— making of ebooks, digital books

— building its own digital publishing house ToucheNoire* with its collection of ebooks

Our conviction is that our ambition and tools needed to bring life into our creations represent modest financial investments compared to other «startups».

Those investments are not based on vaporware, but a real creation of contents, touchable: call it substance, contents, writing, editorial, or even literature. The main goal is to «touch another way to read».

Let’s make comparisons: take the emptiness of tweets to be forgotten in the next ten minutes, EditingPlus prefers stories. Stories coming from real facts collected by journalists. Or stunning and impressive fictions for digital books.

To know more about investments opportunities in EditingPlus concrete projects, contact us with no delay.

Investors? Welcome

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To grow, EditingPlus is open to venture capitals, private equities investments and business angels.

* ToucheNoire.com ToucheNoire.com

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