editing, hvorfor?

Lifestyles are becoming to look the same in expanded Europe. The press can take it to its advantage while globally spousing the new frontiers of the continent.

Globalt europæisk model

Contemporary Europe has a new face and simultaneously new borders. Because ideas are moving at a speed pace, following their evolving is necessary. The press must embrace the changes, accompany them, promote their development and their propagation on Gutenberg’s continent, where local and global are mixed in a new modern way.

Role and legacy of the press

Printed press legacy is competed by new mobile medias and its sales fall. To redefine its information and critical roles spousing modernism is still missing on a global european scale.

EditingPlus can build original publications to be translated in several languages to target several countries.

Mere end marketing

Supplying instant demand like proximity topics to your readers is not enough to fulfill them on the long run. Visualise readership, anticipate its needs, stimulate their interest is imagining a new way to present news, with creativity and intellect. EditingPlus puts again confidence contract with readers, because they are your customers, before advertisers! Do you buy a magazine to read ads?

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